About us

Profileksas specializes in the production of module houses, steel roofing, wall lining and profiles. Founded in 2000, it has already established itself in both Lithuanian and global markets. Currently employing 80 people, Profileksas has developed internal expertise and production capacity and is thus well positioned to design and produce solutions meeting even the highest European Union standards.

Profileksas operates according to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. Furthermore, for welding work, it follows EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2001 standards. We are deeply focused on preserving natural resources and in 2018 we will become a  small-scale electricity producer using solar energy in our production process. We are continuously integrating innovative production and management methods into our work while enhancing our efficiency and striving for our employees to receive fair compensation for their high-quality work. We value every one of our customers regardless of their size.

Why Profileksas:

  • long-term experience;
  • speed and flexibility;
  • qualified advice to clients before any commitment;
  • quality, sturdiness and durability;
  • compliance with the highest international standards;
  • complete project execution until total readiness.

PROFILEX MODULAR SOLUTIONS. Modular houses and modular buildings

We create high-quality, flexible and mobile commercial and living spaces in the shortest time possible at an optimal price.

For mobile space design we offer standard pre-designed or specialized modules, modules for sanitary purposes, flatpack type modules and modular buildings and complexes. We also offer assembly, disassembly, upgrading and refurbishment services.

In our production we use only quality-checked materials, including internal and external finishing materials (wood, steel, plastic, glass) and effective thermal-insulation materials (mineral wool, opened and closed-pore polyurethane foam, multi-layered sandwich panels). In this way we ensure product durability and optimise your running costs, while meeting standards applied even to permanent structures.

We can produce and assemble up to 1,000 module housing units per year and are constantly expanding our capacity.


We produce high-quality, durable roofing and walling, using steel sheets produced by Dong Bu, South Korea. We offer a range of eleven profiles to choose from. We also stock systems for rainwater management and various roof accessories. We are proud to process all your orders with great speed.


We are grateful for the support of all our clients, including our long-term partners TOI TOI, CRAMO, WÜRTH, Svencelės sala, DOT LT, Kesko Senukai Lithuania, Concern Titan-2 Finland and the Lithuanian Military.

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